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  • Simplified water-based fire extinguishers

Simplified water-based fire extinguishers

Fire equipment

Product Description


The fire extinguisher is a portable fire extinguishing apparatus that is equipped with water-based fire extinguishing agent.

Performance parameters:

Product: Simple water-based fire extinguisher

Model:  MSWJ580

Executive standard:GA 86-2009

Brand: Changuang

Extinguishing agent: Water-based fire extinguishing agent S-3-AB

Filling capacity: 580ml0-29.0ml

Operating temperature range: +5℃~+55℃

Driving gas: Nitrogen

Work pressure: 0.8MPa(20℃)

Maximum 2ork pressure: 0.9 MPa

Fire extinguishing level: 0.5A 8B E 5F

Shelf life: <4 years


Compulsory product certification certificate number: 2020081810000260